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big T & Lil t - A Star Wars Podcast

Apr 3, 2023

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Welcome to Episode 140 of big T & LIL t! This week's episode we are covering our fun times we had C2E2 this weekend as well as a little breakdown of the Mandalorian Season 3 Chapter 21 - The Pirate

  • We continue to enjoy Fortnite Mega with the new Chapter 4 Season 2 ! 
  • big T went all 3 days of C2E2 but LIL t joins him on his quest to have fun at this fun Chicago Comic Con right in downtown Chicago at the McCormick Convention Center. 
  • We got to meet Ashley Eckstien and Matt Latner, Bradley Dee Baker of the Clone Wars and author of childern books such as Father and Son, Jeffrey Brown. 
  • We also discuss Mando and now wait Bo Katan is going to lead the Mandalorians to Mandalore!  What is going on on?
  • We didnt quite get to Bad Batch Season 2 Finale but we can't wait to talk about it in a couple weeks. 
  • And so much more!