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big T & Lil t - A Star Wars Podcast

Feb 13, 2022

Welcome to Episode 90 of big T & LIL t! This episode's topics include:

- Special Guests: Keith and Kerwin from the Father and Son: A Star Wars Podcast

- We break down the new Disney Plus show The Book of Boba Fett - Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor

- We got Grogu making an appearance the gang is all here.  Big ol shoot out, Destroyer Droids 2.0, Santy, Mods, Freetown, Mando all come to help.  Boba riding a Rancor, Grogu vs a Rancor, Nap Time and Cad Bane vs Boba Fett. Holy Guacamole this episode has everything except a good ending!!!

- And much, much more