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big T & Lil t - A Star Wars Podcast

Jul 17, 2023

Welcome to Episode 150 of big T & LIL t! This week's episode we are reviewing Official Ahsoka Trailer and the Journey to Ahsoka video.  

  • Our very special guest, big T's cousin, Gerry Mucciaccio joins us.
  • We discuss growing up in the 70s with Star Wars.
  • Talk about his intrests baseball, snowboarding and...

Jul 3, 2023

Welcome to Episode 149 of big T & LIL t! This week's episode we reviewing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.  

  • Our very special guest, Papa Bear, Jack Hoffman, Dad / Grandpa returns as we went to all see the new Indiana Jones 5, The Dial of Destiny.
  • We were on vacation in Green Bay Packer territory in Door County,...